Saturday, January 31

Joke it!

I have always wanted to share with you a joke, this one particularly, here goes...

Two surgeons were finishing up a major two hour abdominal operation. When done, the one doing the stitches looked at his partner and said: Oh, no! I lost my watch!

And before I forget,

thank God for bloggers. I mean that one too. Without them, life would be less interesting. For me, that is.

thank god for blogs

I really mean it. Since the first time I've come across this thing called blogging, I was hooked. Different views, different posting styles, gorgeous photos, brilliant ideas, beautiful poems and lots of inspiring stories, they're all here. Every morning I visit some of my followed blogs to read their thoughts and look at their latest photos and again in the evening so I can sleep with a smile on.....And that's why I thank God for blogs.

Saturday, January 24

I remember so well when I was really hooked on gardening. It took me so long (about 2 years and half) to realize that there's no chance for a small- time farmer like me to succeed financially. Sure you have the freshest tomatoes to munch and the most crispy green salad but that's all there is to eat (excuse my pun). But I had some of my finest moments during those two and half years...and the saddest.

During those years, people got know me because they always asked whose garden was it as they pass by. I had the most colorful flower garden. Zinnias in different colors and varieties that bloomed almost at same time for a long time, grew in profusion, row after row. The Green Envy variety (Yates) was the center of interest. It also got the attention of the agriculturists who recommended me as, you know, the outstanding blah, blah, blah of this and that. But some people just can't appreciate what you are doing. Well, I can take that. What I could not fathom is the mystery behind an envious mind that brought about the mutilation of my banana plants, string beans, corn and even the newly transplanted peppers. That morning when I found out what happened to my plants was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I had. I wanted to scream but didn't. I was too shocked for that. But that was long ago and I don't want to elaborate on it 'cause it would be like experiencing the pain once more. Anyway, I'm unhooked from gardening....for now.