Wednesday, March 17

i don't remember getting older but when I look at Paipai and Epol

I realize I am. It wasn't long before when I saw Paipai struggling to stand and have her first step and also I used to sing to Epol and had him finish lines of his favorite song and now he talks in complete sentences. He talks and asks questions... lots of questions.

Monday, March 15

fast food syndrome

the shopping malls here are almost always full of people...people who want to buy, people who want window shop, people who want to watch the movies, people who want to sit down and watch other people pass by and of course the hundreds of mall employees and workers AND they all end up getting hungry.! ^_^ no wonder the fast food centers and restos are full almost all day long. You always feel hungry after standing for a long period on a queue because as you pass by the lobby, the aroma of fries and roasts wafting in the airconditioned air makes you feel really tired, thirsty and hungry.

i'm one of those who frequent the malls not really because i have something to buy or something to buy it with :( but going there is fun. i'm one of those who sit and watch but somehow end up inside greenwich or kfc or jolibee..hehehe...well, as i've said, i'm one of those who sit and watch and to my friends' amusement, i told them that more than 80% of the people who frequent the malls have the fastfood syndrome. most of them have bulging waistline..

we have such big appetite otherwise they would not think this would attract costumers.

Monday, March 1

Untitled. Who needs one?

I would never be a professional artist. Why? Because I don't have perseverance, that's why. I only paint or draw when I feel like this morning, I felt the urge as I opened my windows. The sky was luminous blue and the tree looked dark against it. Then its foliage caught the first rays of the sun. Everything was still and beautiful...yes, far more beautiful than this pastel drawing.

My apologies to nature.