Saturday, June 20

pastel sunset

how many beautiful sunsets "happen" in a month? and how many are stared at by those who have problems at hand? Many, I'm sure. This scene is often seen but do they have time to admire it? Does it stir their aesthetics? No.

It's not fair at all that only those who have no pressing problems should enjoy and experience beauty of nature. Enjoying a sunset is free... but why is it that it means nothing to them? They are looking at it but not seeing. It means nothing and doesn't affect them in any way. Why?

I often asked myself that question before because when I saw beautiful sceneries, especially sunsets, I felt ridiculously affected. All at once I'd feel alive, sad, nostalgic,and a sort of deja vu-ish ..over what, I really don't know but it's there.

And then I grew up and had many problems along the process. Then and only then that I knew why. With so much pressing problems at hand, your mind becomes numb and insensitive and couldnt care less.


pawan said...

A beautiful painting with a wonderful follow up!
What more could I ask for?
Happy to see you back!

GiGi said...

I love your work. What beautiful colors. I have to stop and take pictures of sunsets on vacation, wherever we may be. I have pictures of sunsets from all over the world. Sadly, I know what you mean about not caring, too - because I rarely notice a sunset where I actually live - maybe its because suburban life gets in my way! :)

Char said...

gorgeous painting - so lovely.

you are so talented.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Great work of arts!

The agenda you are pressing is quite real. But I think most people are too busy thinking more of their problem, the hardship, the struggle, the battle of poverty to which they are more obsessed with than watching and admiring what Nature has placed there for them as worry Absorber.

Perhaps I am just one lucky girl to be taught by a mother to appreciate beauty of nature at an early age.

You are an artist ruled by your own artistic emotion that many do not have.

I admire you and your gifts.


Pastel Sunset in my blog comments

I need to finalise this yet, Sally. Please look out.

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