Wednesday, August 19

hello again!

my boss started another business and everyone at the office got busy with the preparations and everything that goes with it,, me including, and i miss my favorite blogs. i browsed and realized just how much i missed. so i still have a lot to visiting and reading to do.

i don't want to leave last night, i was thinking of possible topics to post but i was too tired and fell asleep and woke up to the sound of Epol's laughter outside my door... my morning started nicely...

we're not that busy now and though there are still a lot of things and chores to do, I can at least have time to blog already...

and as to what topics, i still have to think about it.

Friday, August 14

even the photo "sounds" good enough

I was browsing for free photos and this is what I got.

I know I've posted about jazz before but listening to beautiful jazz rendition made me nostalgic.