Saturday, November 14


Right this very moment, the streets of Bohol are wonderfully free from reckless motorcyclists, traffic violators and agents of pollutants...all because they are watching the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Cotto on tv. Forget for a while all the hassles and cares. . . Manny is on tv fighting the newest opponent.

Already there's a rumor that Manny won on the 2nd round...nobody believed me when I told them that Manny was defeated by KO on the 2nd round 2 hours ago and so I told my friends it's the other way around and the more they say no way because Cotto after all is not a mediocre fighter either. Well anyway, the main event is still two more minor ones away, so I'm taking this free time writing this short post. But whatever the outcome, Manny is and will always be a hero in our hearts.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and watch Manny...

Monday, November 9

Techie, IT and then some...

Five years ago, I didn't know what the term techie means. Then I started working with now I often hear the words like wifi, skypilot, connectors, UTP, IP address, bandwidth, webhosting, email ad, SEO, affiliates, referrals and adsense to mention just a few. Although I still don't really understand these terminologies, at least I now have some foggy ideas what they rubber boots are not what you think they are and rj45s and toolless jack something hehehe...But really, not knowing anything about computers and IT these days is quite hard on you. I mean almost everyone uses the computer and because of that, you're expected the you use it too. Imagine the pressure that assumption has on people like me five years ago...which reminds me of a story about a Mom begging her son to teach her how to use the computer. Finally, after so many pleas, her son gave in. He let her sit in front of his computer and said, "Mom, this is your login homepage. Now put your hand on this mouse and.."
Her mom unceremoniously stood up and said: just because I don't know anything about computers doesn't give you the right to make a fool of me. What does a rodent have anything to do with computers?

As to where I have read that story, that I can't remember...but the sadness, I can.