Saturday, February 15

The joy of gardening

When I decided to quit my daytime job one month and 16 days ago, I already knew what next I was going to do, and that is gardening. Of course I was aware that my stamina isn't how it was years ago but I was so sure of it. I love everything about gardening... yes, even the hardest part of it like cleaning, weeding and making of plots. In fact, I draw my strength from it 'cause after the day is done, I look at the finished task and feel satisfied of what I have just accomplished. Then after I gather all the gardening tools and take them inside the nipa hut, I'll take one last look at my garden,  which by this time, will catch the color of sunset.

I can't really explain this joy I feel ... must have something to do with my bloodline or perhaps with my fascination for plants, watching them sprout, grow first true leaves and finally set fruits... And what could be more joyful than the first taste of the harvest? Of course, there are things more joyful than this , but there is nothing quite like it.

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