Tuesday, March 25


This is just one seedling of the leafy vegetables (pechay) that I've tried growing hydroponically in my garden using the SNAP solution that Dr. Primitivo Santos of UPLB (University of the Philippines-Los Banos in Laguna) formulated. I used a soil-less medium to hold the seedlings inside  8 oz. styro cups, filling them just about 1/3, enough to hold the seedlings upright.

These are the SNAP (A & B) solutions that I used. For every 10 liters of water, first I poured 25 ml of SNAP A into the water and stirred the mixture. Next, I poured the other  25 ml of SNAP B, again stirring to mix it well with the water.

I use a 3/4 inch thick styrofoam sheet  to cover the container that holds the SNAP mixture and at the same, holds the cups. Holes were made by using a tin can (of evaporated milk, big) that I cut in the middle using a heavy duty scissors. Once cut, the edge will be sharp enough to cut through the sheet by putting a little pressure on it and then slowly turning it around, making sure it stays in place for a clean cut.

Three weeks after, my pechay (above) and mustard greens (below) were growing so fast. I checked the nutrient solution by slowly (!) lifting the cover. More than half of the solution was gone. By this time, the white roots covered the floor of the plastic container that lifting a plant individually would surely damage the roots. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway: never lift the styrocups! LOL!

Growing veggies hydroponically, in some ways,  is just like growing them in the traditional way. The plants still need sunlight. So where to locate them is an important factor to consider. And, unless you have a screened housing, you still have to visit them early in the morning for possible pest infestation. 
Other than that, everything else is a breeze. No watering, no weeding, and almost always, no spraying (pesticide or foliar fertilizer) 

One more thing to consider: rain water will dilute the nutrient solution and we don't want that.And by the way, SNAP is an acronym for Simple Nutrient Addition Program that Dr. Primitivo Jose Santos coined for the hydroponic system that doesn't need the use of electricity.


I can't upload a picture of the veggies in their 4th week. Too excited, I forgot to take the picture before I harvested them!

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