Monday, March 24

How I pulverize hard clumps of soil in my garden

I usually get hard clumps of soil when digging a patch in my garden that is often water-logged during rainy season. I know that it's a bad idea to work on the soil when it's still wet but waiting for it to dry up is another story.  I just cannot wait that long, so, using my spading fork, I dig in.  So how do I pulverize the hard clumps? Here's how it's done:

  1. After I'm through with my digging, I'll wait for the hard clumps of soil to dry up.   Usually, it takes three to five days.   When totally dry, the clumps this time become rock hard.
  2. Late in the afternoon, I'll soak the rock hard clumps using a garden hose to field capacity. I make sure that they become really wet all the way down. This will soften the hard clumps.
  3. Next day, preferably in the morning, I'll soak the clumps again and this time, as the water hits the clumps, I watch them break up. Works everytime.

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