Monday, March 30

the drawing below

It had been a long day and still had one more thing to do. The sofa looked so inviting and if I had given in, I'd surely fall asleep and that I couldn't afford to I took my pencil and sketchbook instead.

It didn't take long. I used to draw that kind of setting many times before when I was still studying interior design at PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design) in Makati City (a loooooong time ago) and I guess I still have the hang of it.

I'm tired and all I see is this comfy sofa...

Sunday, March 29

On John Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie-2

On page 116, Steinbeck wrote:

An animal resting or passing by leaves crushed grass, footprints and perhaps droppings, but a human occupying a room for the night prints his character, his biography, his recent history and sometimes his future plans and hopes. I further believe that personality seeps into walls and is slowly released. This might well be an explanation of ghosts and such manifestations. Although my conclusions may be wrong, I seem to be sensitive to the spoor of the human. Also I am not shy about admitting that I am an incorrigible Peeping Tom. I have never passed by an unshaded window without looking in, have never closed my ears to a conversation that was none of my business. I can justify or even dignify this by protesting that in my trade I must know about people, but I suspect that I am merely curious.

Having read that, I stopped for a while, stood up and surveyed my room. What would Steinbeck say about my cluttered books, the colored pencils on the table, the more than full waste basket, an unfinished drawing and some crumpled papers on the floor? What about the hanged towel that defied gravity? I have to smile at the thought that he would probably say: The recent occupant has problems and on top of those is that she is unfocused.

And then I continued reading...trying to focus : D

Friday, March 27

Danao Adventure Park

Like a proud mama, I relish moments when my Bohol comes up with something really good and exciting. I take pride of being a Boholano and although some would raise eyebrows to ask bah-ket? (why?), all I can say is: they have their own opinion and I have mine.

Yes, I am proud to be a Boholano...but that's deviating from my main topic, Danao Adventure Park. Truth to tell, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that they have come up with that idea. The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Danao has done it again with their recent addition to their eco-tourism projects: the zipline-the longest in the Philippines. They're also promoting other adventures like root climbing, cave exploring, kayaking, mountain trekking, rappelling, boulder climbing, tubing, bird watching, camping, village and organic farm tours.

Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park Logo

a repeat post (from thumbnail sketches)

Special moments for me are those that come unexpected though I must say not all that come unexpected are special. But this one is: It was about six in the evening. The sun had set but the sky was still tangerine and it held for a few minutes more. I stood in the quiet for a while enjoying the view, smelling the waft of blooming ilang-ilang in the breeze, taking it all in. It was enough to make my day. Then a hummingbird suddenly flew down from nowhere and perched on a twig somewhere near, making noise that could mean a scolding or a warning. It was quite different from what we usually hear in the morning when their calls are sweet and far between. I heard a baby bird call getting louder while the mama continued making a racket, perching from twig to twig. Then it stopped. There was a soft chirping and then there were more. I carefully moved towards the sound for it was getting dark and I didn't want to scare the birds. Then the moon appeared (it was full and yellow!) and there, perched side by side, were five baby birds and a mama, backlighted by the moon.

Thursday, March 26

On John Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie

On page 154 of John Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie (Bantam Books), it's being mentioned that there's a place called Badlands which the author described with appropriate adjectives and he added: "They deserve this name." Two pages later, he wrote that after talking with a woman who lived there, he continued, saying: "Her voice rattled on as though she was terrified of the silence that would settle when I was gone. As she talked, it came to me that she was afraid of this place and, further, that so was I. I felt I wouldn't like to have the night catch me here." He wrote further that he was "in a state of flight and was ready to get away from the unearthly landscape." He continued, "And then the late afternoon changed everything. As the sun angled, the buttes and coules, the cliffs and the sculptured hills and ravines lost their burned and dreadful look and glowed with yellow and rich browns and a hundred variations of red and silver gray, all picked out by streaks of coal black. It was so beautiful that I stopped near a thicket of dwarfed and wind-warped cedars and junipers, and once stopped, I was caught, trapped in color and dazzled by the clarity of the light......... The strange landscape shouted with color! And the night, far from being frightful, was lovely beyond thought."


Monday, March 23

tarsier of bohol

There are things more exciting than watching frolicking dolphins up close... but there's nothing quite like it.

seaside stories and fond memories

I had been lucky to have spent two years of my life in the island of Panglao. Lucky because I have lived a kind of life that I dreamed of and that is to live where I would be able to look outside my window and see the blue ocean. I've seen it in different moods and I never get tired looking at it. It's been six years since I had a long last look at it but my memory of that place and time will never be erased.

One of the most exciting things I did was when my good old friends, Nong Honorato and Nang Matea who owned a motorboat would invite me and some friends to join them diving for danggit (a kind of fish), sea urchins and other edibles like shellfish and night! It was pure excitement! And afterwards we stop at the beach to grill our harvest over the fire, sharing jokes and fishermen tales while waiting made the food even sweeter.
I have been a beachcomber too. I collected shells, colored pebbles, bits of corals and driftwoods. At times when the sea is calm, we go dolphin watching. When we're lucky, we get to see many of them.

Saturday, March 21

Epol of surprises!

Epol. I've written a post about him weeks ago and I have to write another one now before I forget as this one has a profound effect on me.

This morning while I was doing my laundry, my niece Tere (she just graduated! Inkcode) took turn in babysitting Epol. She let him ride on a stroller and they were talking baby talk while going around the house. Every time they pass by, Epol would call me: Lola Tol! And I would answer: Epol! Then the next time around, he said: Goodnight, Lola Tol and then he sort of took a reclining pose, pretending to be asleep with a matching snoring sound. And then he laughed!

What a wonderful way of starting a day!

Just thinking...

Last week, a group of Filipino celebrities spent sometime (and lots of money!) in a resort at Panglao Island, Bohol. They chose to stay at an exclusive resort in Barangay Tawala. The rates range from 425 to 2100usd during lean season and from 575 to 2250usd at peak season.With a conversion rate of 48.50Php/1USD and most probably, they checked in to more exclusive balai (villa), let's say at 2100USD/day plus extra charges and tax, they would have, more or less, paid a 105,000PHP +. And that's just for one day stay which is equivalent to an annual salary for an ordinary worker. But look, I am not saying this against the celebrities. They worked hard for that money and they definitely deserve it. It's just a thought that came to my mind when I saw their pictures in the newspaper, that's all. Let's face it: some guys have all the luck. Most of us don't.

Thursday, March 12

A friend of mine and his wife came for a visit. They looked older than the last time I saw them. Who wouldn't? Eight years is a long time.

After the usual "how are you's and stuff like that, my friend looked at me and said, "Sally, you look old!"Shocks! I would have retaliated. I would have said "but you look older" but I didn't. Not my style. So I just smiled.

Sensing how I felt, his wife told me this story: A new member of their congregation was introduced to them. After the introduction, her husband looked at the lady and blurted out: "You are thin!" to which she replied: "You are rude!"

Saturday, March 7

A good read...

Just last night, I "created" a new blog called Your Baby's First ...(created, meaning I clicked the appropriate boxes and I didn't know what to put in it exactly (yet) but it has to be about children. Maybe I'll write about Epol, Jimjim, Paupau and Jacob, the newest member of the family. And then maybe some tips but I'm quite uneasy about that because I'm in no position to do it. Ohhhh....what to do, what to do..

However, I still could write about children, read good books about them and share what I learn. Yes, that would be it. And for starters, I have a book entitled Raising Godly Kids by Harold J. Sala. I like this one because it makes sense and does not sound preachy. It's a good read.

Wednesday, March 4

another post about Bohol's "Sui-slide"

I just learned that the people and the Local Government Unit of Danao, Bohol are actively promoting tourism. Not only that they have the longest and highest zipline in the Philippines, they also have "root climbing", caves and mountain trail treks. They also are promoting agriculture, particularly on vegetable production. I've seen some pictures they sent to Jojo for their website's content and I'm quite surprised to find that Bohol do have tourist attractions to rave about. I'm planning to grab some photos for this post but I have to ask permission first.

Tuesday, March 3

just a tip...

It has been sometime since I learned how to kill roaches without using any of those harmful insect sprays. The discovery came while I was washing dishes using detergent bar soap instead of liquid dish washing soap. A cockroach came out from a crevice on the kitchen wall and approached the sink rather fearlessly. It irked me a bit so I squeezed the sponge I was holding and gave the cockroach a sudsy bath. The roach performed a break dance at once and within a few minutes was dead. From that day on, I have a plant sprayer full of sudsy water ready for intrepid crawling insects.

a matter of good timing

Much have been written about Bohol’s Chocolate Hills…yeah, yeah and the tarsier…and the Loboc River. It’s not that I’m complaining..I mean travel writers just couldn’t help it. Take the Chocolate hills for example. They are just too amazing not to write something about those hundreds of well formed hills and not just that…they are uniform..well, almost.

You should see the hills early in the morning and watch the fog crawl quietly at the foot of the hills that just as quietly disappear as the sun goes up. Now watch how the sun lights up the scene in silvery or golden splendor…yeah, you heard it right: s p l e n d o r . …Or you could view them at sundown to see golden browns and warm grays interplay to distiguish the hills from the ground. Or just be at the top of the hill and wait for the moonrise. Like a photographer, consider the light. Always.