Sunday, March 29

On John Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie-2

On page 116, Steinbeck wrote:

An animal resting or passing by leaves crushed grass, footprints and perhaps droppings, but a human occupying a room for the night prints his character, his biography, his recent history and sometimes his future plans and hopes. I further believe that personality seeps into walls and is slowly released. This might well be an explanation of ghosts and such manifestations. Although my conclusions may be wrong, I seem to be sensitive to the spoor of the human. Also I am not shy about admitting that I am an incorrigible Peeping Tom. I have never passed by an unshaded window without looking in, have never closed my ears to a conversation that was none of my business. I can justify or even dignify this by protesting that in my trade I must know about people, but I suspect that I am merely curious.

Having read that, I stopped for a while, stood up and surveyed my room. What would Steinbeck say about my cluttered books, the colored pencils on the table, the more than full waste basket, an unfinished drawing and some crumpled papers on the floor? What about the hanged towel that defied gravity? I have to smile at the thought that he would probably say: The recent occupant has problems and on top of those is that she is unfocused.

And then I continued reading...trying to focus : D

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Char said...

I'm not sure he would say that...he might would say the person is an artist comfortable in her world of imagines and dreams.