Saturday, February 28

Sunny but ...

I woke up to the sound of a doorbell ringing. I was sure someone took care of it so I just stayed in bed. It's a Sunday morning. No work today. After twenty minutes or so of trying to go back to sleep, I gave up and got out of bed to make some coffee instead.

Sunrise was clear, calm and a bit warm. Last week was, for the most part, rainy so a sunny day like this surely is welcome. I think it's good to have day with nothing to relax, unwind but definitely I wouldnt enjoy it if it's more than one day because as today dragged, it became boring already. I guess I'm used to hectic days at the office. I think this post is boring too. I'll try again tomorrow.

Friday, February 27

remembered places

there's always a face you can't forget, a song that makes you smile, a picture of a place that lurks inside your mind.

zipline in bohol!!

A new and exciting lure for tourists is now in Bohol. Called the "Sui-slide", it is the longest (480 meters) and highest (altitude of 200 meters) zipline in the Philippines. I wonder how it would feel to be up there. It's not just that I am planning to try it but this excitement is more on knowing that there are improvements going on in Bohol. But in case you might want to try it, you can hire a van or just go to the Integrated Bus Terminal which is located near the Island City Mall of Dao District of Tagbilaran City for a bus ride.

I'll be posting more about "Sui-slide" soon.

Saturday, February 21

finding time to paint

"Okay...just before you sleep tonight, think really hard. Make plans for the next 7 days and try to stick to it. And include in your schedule 3 to 4 hours for painting, 2 times in a week. Saturday would be fine and maybe on a Wednesday when you don't feel that Monday kind of feeling anymore."

How many times did I tell myself this? Not many 'cause I know it won't work. I need someone else to convince me that it could work and to push me hard enough into doing it. Maybe I lack passion for art. Maybe I need to study painting...attend school. I did have some "painting" lessons before but it was for interior design plates...all we painted were chairs, throw pillows, houseplants, curtains, etc.. So I was not taught about composition..why, I don't even know what I don't know! And books don't tell everything.

The bottom line: it's not that I don't have time. I just don't think I could.

So where are you from?

Some blogs have pictures of their homes and places they've been to. Oh, I just love look at them and be vicariously thrilled. For us from the tropics, pictures of snow peaked mountains or the autumn leaves of red, orange and gold make us wish we're there. Funny. We always want what we don't have.

As you can see, I am learning how to upload images (see it on previous post entitled Epol) ..again with a little help from my friends. That was easy. So all those pictures that I took years ago would come to life again. So you would have a glimpse of the place I call home. Now if I just could find them...

Friday, February 20

Why I didn't start painting yet...

I already have an aquarelle. Actually I got two. My nephew gave a set as Christmas gift together with 6 brushes of different sizes in addition to a dozen or so that I acquired for the last 2 years. I also have a watercolor sketching pad and canvas pad and a sketchpad. I also have two acrylic sets and also some oil pastels. I have books on how to paint.

So what’s stopping you? A friend asked. What more do you need?
Water. I answered.
Heh! she uttered.
Rags and pencils?
She pouted.
I’m afraid I can’t do it, I said, trying to look as if I was joking.
No, she said, you’re just plain lazy.

Maybe. Maybe not. But the truth is, I’m out of practice. Why, I can’t even draw anymore!!

So, even if I have to start learning again, somehow I just have to push myself because my friend was right. I am lazy. Or not motivated enough.

Tuesday, February 17


Peter Paul. Epol for short. It used to be Epoy but his dad didn’t want it because from where he is, Epoy means someone gullible and naive and Epol is not. In fact, he’s the opposite. Teach him something once and that’s all you need to do. When he was still eight or nine months old, when he’s sleepy, I used to carry him and walk around the house singing my favorite songs. About two months after, he was learning to talk, mostly in last syllables…like when you ask him to identify a flower and you would supply the’d say or-? and he would say kud and then that would make my day..

haiku according to grandma

grandma here is a blogsite authored by a 62 year old lady. I was intrigued by the name that I clicked it right away and I am glad i did. It’s like finding a new path homeward.

I always thought writing a haiku was fun. Now I find it more than fun. It’s more like a dare..a challenge for you to try writing haiku. Simple, but not quite that simple.

Grandma advised that haiku should have Kigo (season word)…that it also should be a breath long-meaning, you should be able to read it in one breath. There are many lessons to be learned from grandma…so try visiting her blogsite. I’ll be posting more later.

Inkcode and Ramblins

It does sound like a brand name for printer ink...but Teri loved it. After the nth blogname she tried to submit, Inkcode made it. Welcome to Bloggers' world, utol! I hope you won't forget your password this time :D

Just before this post, I visited some of my followed blogs. Starting with Ramblins and then to some of her followers, then to her followers' followed blogs. Whew! It's like being inside a maze or labyrinth, and in two hours time, you barely scratch the surface (pardon the cliche).

Because you threw a pebble on the pond, you get to see the ripples and the bigger the pebble, the farther the ripples go. And Ramblins IS a ROCK! With 61 followers, you never get to see the other end of the labyrinth.

with a little help from my friends ...

Finally, I have some links to this blog...thanks to my friends who were more than willing to add their sites...
Honestly, I know next to nothing about adds on but Tej and Dal understood this and if not for them and Macky, Jojo and Misael, my site would still look bare...stark.!! Tomorrow, there would be another ...I hope... and when I have enough posts and maybe uploads of my drawings and favorite photos, then this site would look a bit interesting. Who knows?

So to our young and talented staff and OJTs of Auza.Net, thank you and good luck. I am sure your school project will be successful.

Saturday, February 14

it's a wet world

It's been raining on and off for two weeks now. The green moss on the paved walkway makes it so slippery...and dangerous. I should know. My niece's son slipped and dirtied his butt this morning. Earlier today, the sun showed up for a while as if to tell us it's still early in the morning. After that, all I see is a gray mantle of a sky. I heard there's a typhoon coming but I'm not sure. I seldom watch news nowadays. With bleak economy and rampant crimes on the headlines, I just feel it's not a good way to start my day nor end with it.
Looking outside my window, I saw a bird fluffing his feathers...must be feeling cold. On the street were pools of rain. Coconut fronds, wet and shiny, caught some colors from the neon light across the street. For a while I saw something beautiful..a haiku moment..even on drab days like this. It reminds me of Gyodai's haiku.
falling on leaf
on mounds of leaves
rain splashing
in pools of rain

It's amazing how little instances like this could change your mood..and then you won't mind that much if it still drizzles.