Sunday, October 5

Batuan, Bohol? Where is that?

i remember going home to my town, batuan, a year ago. i was commuting. when the bus passed by the municipal hall, the market place, the houses, i noticed that nothing much has changed. it was still the town it was when i left the place. nothing much to remember it with except one: the shiphaus. as the name suggests, it is a house designed like a ship... which is funny and incongruous because batuan is located at the central part of bohol... an idiosyncrasy of the owner who's in love with the ocean.. or ship or both. his efforts paid-off though. many locals and foreigners visit the place and has become a venue for meetings and wedding receptions. so thanks, shiphaus, you just become the landmark of this town.

other than that, batuan is snoring. i even have a song for this sleepy town:

o, sleepy town of bah-two-one,
How still we see thee lie
Above thy deep and dreamless state

While other stars go by
And in thy dark streets glooms
No everlasting light
The sighs and fears of all the years
Are there in thee tonight 

i know i'm being sarcastic but to live in a place like this, one is either sarcastic or apathetic. As i see it, the latter type of batuananons constitute a huge percentage of its residents. Sounds sad and hopeless, doesn't it? 

But who's to blame? Everybody! Voters who chose the wrong guys upstairs; elected officials who do nothing but sit and stare; buyers who never question overpricing and sellers who have no sympathy for the consumers ever. 

and nobody here (well, almost) knows what a chemtrail is! they should, you know. afterall, we do have chemtrails up in the sky almost everyday. i have seen airplanes leaving chemtrails a few times.. that's when they start earlier than their schedule. often, i see these ludicrous looking "clouds" early in the morning so they probably spray their poison at night. 

and yet, i have nothing but respect for some of my fellow batuananons who struggle everyday to feed their families, provide for their children's education and go to sleep at night without foreboding. they wake up early in the morning, make and eat breafast, feed their carabaos, cows, chicken, pigs, dogs,cats and then go to work as hired help or to their farms... a daily routine which i find boring and yet fascinating. boring in the sense that they've been doing the same thing all their life; and fascinating, because of their remarkable resilience and endurance. this might not be the case for all the batuananons, but for the most part, it is. so, to these boring and fascinating group of batuananons, you have my greatest respect and admiration! may the winds of good harvest blow towards your direction!