Thursday, June 24

precious moments

Every now and then, nature manifests itself as if to remind us that some of the best things in life are still free.  It's just so bad that man often forgets to take time to commune with nature.  He's being too busy being an adult, unmindful of the beautiful things around him.  How many times does Mr. Busy Man affords himself an hour by the sea looking at the sunset? Not many...

I've always loved nature but sadly, I work all the time.. 12 hours a day; 6 days a week. But I never missed looking at beautiful sunsets.
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Wednesday, June 23

paid to write

Earning money online is easy IF you know where to look but the thing is, you need to be receptive to what others are telling you.  When I say receptive, meaning you are open and responsive to the ideas & suggestions that will come to you through research and by listening to your more UPDATED friends.

Just two days ago, I received an email from a friend, asking me if I'm interested to write articles on how to burn body fat.  I told her I don't know anything about that subject.  Oh, is that a problem? she asked. You have an internet do a research on that subject!  And I did.  I spent hours researching and to my amazement, I was able to write two articles on that same subject!  and got paid for it.  Now, how about that...And I got updated
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Thursday, June 17

about blogging

Most of my friends have blogs. I have blogs. Seems like everybody's doing it and  for different reasons. If my purpose for creating and managing a blog is just to have an outlet for pent-up emotions or just so I could put into words what I saw and experienced, one blog is enough.  But if I want to earn  from it, is one enough?

This question had me thinking.  You see, I thought that having several blogs, each with google ads, would earn me more than just having one.  Wrong! It just does't work that way. Why?  Well, let me share with you what I've learned along the way.
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Tuesday, June 15

earning online

I have spent most of my time researching for ways to earn money online. It's not a shame to want earnings.  Nowadays, in order to get most of costly  internet connection, one has to earn also so you could at least pay for the bill!  One way to earn is through social networks like FanBox because it pays.  Some social networks don't pay like facebook, myspace and twitter.  I also have found another social site that pays:  The  You can also be a member there as well and promote your fanbox blogs through it and vice versa. And that's just one way.

One of my problems encountered while researching  is that being a non-techie, it takes a lot of my time doing it because I have to read each twice and have to do a bit more researching inbetween readings so I can understand the terms like SEO, referrals, PTC, PTR, links, backlinks and all those terms used by entrepeneurs of the web world. So little by little, I now have a bit of understanding how these things work. And there are still A LOT to learn.

I know there are some of you who experienced what I've been through...and my heart goes to all you!
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Wednesday, June 9

following my muse

This post was written last Monday:

Yesterday was surfing-the-net day but not entirely.  After lunch, I went to see the movie SHREK 4, alone.  I'm one of those who like it that way. Most of the girls I know feel uneasy about watching movies alone.  Thank goodness, I don't have qualms about it.  Now don't even think I don't have friends.  I have great friends and they understand I have this need to be by myself some part of the day. Even my family knows this and let me be.  

So what do I do during this time alone?  After supper, I'll just be lying on my bed with my eyes closed and think of nothing. Yes, nothing.  Have you tried doing this? It takes a lot of practice.  It's important to me that I have this time alone, doing nothing, thinking about nothing. It relaxes me.  You see, before I practised this,  even after office hours I'll still be thinking about my reports, worrying about deadlines. I may be at home lying in bed, but my mind never left the office. Instead of conditioning my mind for relaxation and sleep, it was still working overtime.

About 30 minutes after, I'll either be sitting in front of my laptop visiting my favorite blogs or sketching. The past few nights however was spent entirely for sketching.  I'm planning a new blog for the sketches I made and hopefully, next month, it will up and running. It's not like I'm making a decision here nor am  I making choices...just following my muse. And what better way is there to store and exhibit my sketches than blogging it?

Of course, you will be the first one to know when it is ready.

Tuesday, June 1


While surfing, I've come across this new (to me, that is) social networking site: It's an interesting site really.  And that they are sharing their earnings with the members made me realize that social networks do earn lots of money indeed! I wonder--- how much is facebook earning?  With millions of members logged in for hours doing all sorts of socializing and playing games! I just can't imagine!

Back to still have to look into it. Seems like a promising site.  I think they really mean it when they say they're paying. But then again, I still have look into it. Just in case you're wondering if I'm already a member.  Yes. But I can always have the option not to continue if it is not what it promises it is:  a paying social networking site.