Wednesday, September 30

unforgettable books

I grew up in a small town just a few kilometers from the famous chocolate hills. The games we played were not like the games most kids play nowadays. They were more like the ones that Kerima Polotan described in one her books.

Kerima is one of my favorite Filipino writers who wrote about the "old games" children play. I'd like to think that she is our female Samuel Clemens. It was Kerima who made me learn to love reading. Samuel Clemens' Mark Twain also made an impact. Then came Wilson Rawls' Summer of the Monkeys and Where the Red Ferns Grow. I've read a lot and I mean a lot. During my highschool days, I was the only one in our class who was issued a library card twice in a schoolyear but of all those books, the ones written by Kerima Polotan, Samuel Clemens and Wilson Rawls stood out.

Every now and then, I read them again and how they make smile.

Friday, September 18

starry nights and van gogh

I admit that the very first time I saw a picture of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, my thought was " I can do better than that". Big thoughts. From a small town girl who never made even one serious effort to paint. So what happened to the dream of becoming a painter? Nothing. It got sidetracked.

As I grew older though, my perception of life and of Van Gogh's Starry Night changed. My dream of becoming an artist dimmed; Starry Night shone brighter, When as a young girl I'd dismissed it as a childish effort to paint, now I'm moved by its consistent and vibrant brush strokes.

Thursday, September 3

just thinking.

It's still several months till the next presidential election in the Philippines and guess what. Many of the wannabes are just so much into it that they are using every loophole in the election code of the Philippines just to be ahead and have more millage in the electoral marathon. But the thing is, every time i see their faces on television, I either feel like puking or poking their fat bellies, depending on the stupidity of their "nice guy" acting. Aside from being the opposite of the good guys they're acting out, they're not good actors either.

How I feel about it is not unique...I've asked several of my friends and associates and they all, well almost all of the them feel the same way.

We'll talk about it again one of these days...I'd be more specific then. Bye for now.