Tuesday, June 1

About PayMeSocial.com

While surfing, I've come across this new (to me, that is) social networking site:  PayMeSocial.com. It's an interesting site really.  And that they are sharing their earnings with the members made me realize that social networks do earn lots of money indeed! I wonder--- how much is facebook earning?  With millions of members logged in for hours doing all sorts of socializing and playing games! I just can't imagine!

Back to PayMeSocial.com.I still have to look into it. Seems like a promising site.  I think they really mean it when they say they're paying. But then again, I still have look into it. Just in case you're wondering if I'm already a member.  Yes. But I can always have the option not to continue if it is not what it promises it is:  a paying social networking site.


Missy said...

Going now to check this out!

Shauna said...

Sounds Interesting and worth looking into...

Love your blog!