Wednesday, June 9

following my muse

This post was written last Monday:

Yesterday was surfing-the-net day but not entirely.  After lunch, I went to see the movie SHREK 4, alone.  I'm one of those who like it that way. Most of the girls I know feel uneasy about watching movies alone.  Thank goodness, I don't have qualms about it.  Now don't even think I don't have friends.  I have great friends and they understand I have this need to be by myself some part of the day. Even my family knows this and let me be.  

So what do I do during this time alone?  After supper, I'll just be lying on my bed with my eyes closed and think of nothing. Yes, nothing.  Have you tried doing this? It takes a lot of practice.  It's important to me that I have this time alone, doing nothing, thinking about nothing. It relaxes me.  You see, before I practised this,  even after office hours I'll still be thinking about my reports, worrying about deadlines. I may be at home lying in bed, but my mind never left the office. Instead of conditioning my mind for relaxation and sleep, it was still working overtime.

About 30 minutes after, I'll either be sitting in front of my laptop visiting my favorite blogs or sketching. The past few nights however was spent entirely for sketching.  I'm planning a new blog for the sketches I made and hopefully, next month, it will up and running. It's not like I'm making a decision here nor am  I making choices...just following my muse. And what better way is there to store and exhibit my sketches than blogging it?

Of course, you will be the first one to know when it is ready.


Char said...

it is hard to just think of nothing.

like you - i love going to see movies all by myself.

sally said...

yes, char, but it can be done..

it's good to know that there's someone else who loves seeing movies alone...some folks here think I'm weird ***lol

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I like being alone though I get lonely lately. In my aloneness, I read, write, work on my scrapbooks, stamps and postcard collections, browsed over my children school notes, and folders ... all their school works are in their pristine folders which I keep. There's a lot to be done in solitary moment besides thinking to relaxed.

Great moment of your quiet solitude. Oh, I experienced going to the cinema alone too. But am not much of a moviegoer. I seldom watch movie even if they are offered free on the TV.