Saturday, May 29

writer's block

Writer's block? Well, sort of. Whatever you call it, I had this in the past few weeks. Been busy doing monthly reports and all that stuff and going home at 8pm, I had nothing else in mind but the thought of a cold shower and a warm bed.

Not writing posts for a long time has consequences.  First, you'll lose some of your followers (if not most). Second, your blog will look stale.  even if you have photos which you thought were good at that time when you uploaded them,  weeks after, they will look stale. Third, you'll feel guilty. Then, you'll feel obligated to write and you don't like that.

Contrary to Stephen King's advice on how to stop writer's block, writing posts for your blog should not be an obligation. While the famous author is right in using the metaphor of the toolbox -that writers are like craftsmen putting bricks on bricks - it only applies to writing novels and other serious stuff like technical or business writing.  A blog, on the other hand,  is an outpouring of your thoughts and feelings (well, not all blogs  but mine is) and if you feel obligated to write just so you'll have the day's post, chances are, your written post will show it.

So what I did was read all the posts I wrote on this blog, hoping that reading them would give me an idea on what to write about,  and got an inspiration instead! I have over 100 posts and some of them earned heart-warming comments, especially those posts which I did in a spontaneous manner and of course when I post some of my sketches.

So, what to do when you experience writer's block?  Be inspired! By the way, what or who inspires you most? Just wondering..


Elizabeth Ann said...

Great post, I journal and at times have returned to a certain year to read my daily thoughts. This journey in the past has inspired some of my poetry. Your photographs on your "older" post are outstanding. I too enjoyed reading many of your older post.

EA Murphree

Warren Contreras said...

I read a blog post a while back that suggested we write a post every day, even if we don't use it. I thought it made good sense.

jamaica said...
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deandean said...

dear elizabeth ann,

thank you so much for you comment.

yes, reading our old posts can be inspiring, and just like reading old letters and greeting cards from friends, it uplifts our spirit.

have a pleasant day!


deandean said...

yes, warren, that would be a good idea..i wish i can manage doing that everyday...anyway, thanks for visiting.

have a nice day ahead.


Martha said...

Answer from marthainheaven: Hi ^^

Martha said...
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Char said...

i wish i knew what to do....

hope it helps you.

have a beautiful day