Saturday, February 28

Sunny but ...

I woke up to the sound of a doorbell ringing. I was sure someone took care of it so I just stayed in bed. It's a Sunday morning. No work today. After twenty minutes or so of trying to go back to sleep, I gave up and got out of bed to make some coffee instead.

Sunrise was clear, calm and a bit warm. Last week was, for the most part, rainy so a sunny day like this surely is welcome. I think it's good to have day with nothing to relax, unwind but definitely I wouldnt enjoy it if it's more than one day because as today dragged, it became boring already. I guess I'm used to hectic days at the office. I think this post is boring too. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Char said...

I hate it when I'm bored with myself. I bet you do too.