Tuesday, March 3

a matter of good timing

Much have been written about Bohol’s Chocolate Hills…yeah, yeah and the tarsier…and the Loboc River. It’s not that I’m complaining..I mean travel writers just couldn’t help it. Take the Chocolate hills for example. They are just too amazing not to write something about those hundreds of well formed hills and not just that…they are uniform..well, almost.

You should see the hills early in the morning and watch the fog crawl quietly at the foot of the hills that just as quietly disappear as the sun goes up. Now watch how the sun lights up the scene in silvery or golden splendor…yeah, you heard it right: s p l e n d o r . …Or you could view them at sundown to see golden browns and warm grays interplay to distiguish the hills from the ground. Or just be at the top of the hill and wait for the moonrise. Like a photographer, consider the light. Always.

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