Tuesday, March 3

just a tip...

It has been sometime since I learned how to kill roaches without using any of those harmful insect sprays. The discovery came while I was washing dishes using detergent bar soap instead of liquid dish washing soap. A cockroach came out from a crevice on the kitchen wall and approached the sink rather fearlessly. It irked me a bit so I squeezed the sponge I was holding and gave the cockroach a sudsy bath. The roach performed a break dance at once and within a few minutes was dead. From that day on, I have a plant sprayer full of sudsy water ready for intrepid crawling insects.


Char said...

that's a great tip I will have to try - a few made the trip with me from the very old, decrepit apartment where you couldn't keep them away.

Smiley said...

Hmmm...I wonder what those animal lovers comment will be if they read your article :D.

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