Tuesday, February 17

Inkcode and Ramblins

It does sound like a brand name for printer ink...but Teri loved it. After the nth blogname she tried to submit, Inkcode made it. Welcome to Bloggers' world, utol! I hope you won't forget your password this time :D

Just before this post, I visited some of my followed blogs. Starting with Ramblins and then to some of her followers, then to her followers' followed blogs. Whew! It's like being inside a maze or labyrinth, and in two hours time, you barely scratch the surface (pardon the cliche).

Because you threw a pebble on the pond, you get to see the ripples and the bigger the pebble, the farther the ripples go. And Ramblins IS a ROCK! With 61 followers, you never get to see the other end of the labyrinth.

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