Tuesday, February 17

haiku according to grandma

grandma here is a blogsite authored by a 62 year old lady. I was intrigued by the name that I clicked it right away and I am glad i did. It’s like finding a new path homeward.

I always thought writing a haiku was fun. Now I find it more than fun. It’s more like a dare..a challenge for you to try writing haiku. Simple, but not quite that simple.

Grandma advised that haiku should have Kigo (season word)…that it also should be a breath long-meaning, you should be able to read it in one breath. There are many lessons to be learned from grandma…so try visiting her blogsite. I’ll be posting more later.

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Char said...

I love well written haiku - the kind like grandma wrote about, the ones that follow the traditional spirit of haiku.

spring sits perched here
like a robin's red red breast
it laughs daffodils