Tuesday, February 17


Peter Paul. Epol for short. It used to be Epoy but his dad didn’t want it because from where he is, Epoy means someone gullible and naive and Epol is not. In fact, he’s the opposite. Teach him something once and that’s all you need to do. When he was still eight or nine months old, when he’s sleepy, I used to carry him and walk around the house singing my favorite songs. About two months after, he was learning to talk, mostly in last syllables…like when you ask him to identify a flower and you would supply the first..you’d say or-? and he would say kud and then that would make my day..

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Char said...

awwwwwwwwww, I sat with my 15-month old niece today... I could sit all day and listen to her say "cracka"