Friday, February 20

Why I didn't start painting yet...

I already have an aquarelle. Actually I got two. My nephew gave a set as Christmas gift together with 6 brushes of different sizes in addition to a dozen or so that I acquired for the last 2 years. I also have a watercolor sketching pad and canvas pad and a sketchpad. I also have two acrylic sets and also some oil pastels. I have books on how to paint.

So what’s stopping you? A friend asked. What more do you need?
Water. I answered.
Heh! she uttered.
Rags and pencils?
She pouted.
I’m afraid I can’t do it, I said, trying to look as if I was joking.
No, she said, you’re just plain lazy.

Maybe. Maybe not. But the truth is, I’m out of practice. Why, I can’t even draw anymore!!

So, even if I have to start learning again, somehow I just have to push myself because my friend was right. I am lazy. Or not motivated enough.

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Char said...

a blank canvas is a very scary thing as there is pressure to fill it wisely. look at da vinci - look at how many times he sketched, painted over and he was the guy that painted the Mona Lisa! I think once you start, it will become much easier.