Saturday, February 21

finding time to paint

"Okay...just before you sleep tonight, think really hard. Make plans for the next 7 days and try to stick to it. And include in your schedule 3 to 4 hours for painting, 2 times in a week. Saturday would be fine and maybe on a Wednesday when you don't feel that Monday kind of feeling anymore."

How many times did I tell myself this? Not many 'cause I know it won't work. I need someone else to convince me that it could work and to push me hard enough into doing it. Maybe I lack passion for art. Maybe I need to study painting...attend school. I did have some "painting" lessons before but it was for interior design plates...all we painted were chairs, throw pillows, houseplants, curtains, etc.. So I was not taught about composition..why, I don't even know what I don't know! And books don't tell everything.

The bottom line: it's not that I don't have time. I just don't think I could.


Char said...

then by all means - take classes. I loved photography, but until I took classes and found out what I was doing - it didn't make as much sense to me. also, go to the library and check out books by your favorite artists, how to, all of that stuff - see what ignites.

knabuhi said...

well, believe in yourself ate lai. you can do it lage.

tere said...

I think you have all the time.