Saturday, February 14

it's a wet world

It's been raining on and off for two weeks now. The green moss on the paved walkway makes it so slippery...and dangerous. I should know. My niece's son slipped and dirtied his butt this morning. Earlier today, the sun showed up for a while as if to tell us it's still early in the morning. After that, all I see is a gray mantle of a sky. I heard there's a typhoon coming but I'm not sure. I seldom watch news nowadays. With bleak economy and rampant crimes on the headlines, I just feel it's not a good way to start my day nor end with it.
Looking outside my window, I saw a bird fluffing his feathers...must be feeling cold. On the street were pools of rain. Coconut fronds, wet and shiny, caught some colors from the neon light across the street. For a while I saw something beautiful..a haiku moment..even on drab days like this. It reminds me of Gyodai's haiku.
falling on leaf
on mounds of leaves
rain splashing
in pools of rain

It's amazing how little instances like this could change your mood..and then you won't mind that much if it still drizzles.

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Char said...

it's a wet world here too. this was a beautiful read this morning - I look out and smile even though it's a big day.