Monday, March 23

seaside stories and fond memories

I had been lucky to have spent two years of my life in the island of Panglao. Lucky because I have lived a kind of life that I dreamed of and that is to live where I would be able to look outside my window and see the blue ocean. I've seen it in different moods and I never get tired looking at it. It's been six years since I had a long last look at it but my memory of that place and time will never be erased.

One of the most exciting things I did was when my good old friends, Nong Honorato and Nang Matea who owned a motorboat would invite me and some friends to join them diving for danggit (a kind of fish), sea urchins and other edibles like shellfish and night! It was pure excitement! And afterwards we stop at the beach to grill our harvest over the fire, sharing jokes and fishermen tales while waiting made the food even sweeter.
I have been a beachcomber too. I collected shells, colored pebbles, bits of corals and driftwoods. At times when the sea is calm, we go dolphin watching. When we're lucky, we get to see many of them.


Char said...

sounds like an ideal life...exotic and serene

deandean said...

It sure was..

GiGi said...

I will have to look that island up..I have never heard of it. I have only seen dolphins in the ocean once (Sanibel Island off of Florida).