Saturday, March 21

Epol of surprises!

Epol. I've written a post about him weeks ago and I have to write another one now before I forget as this one has a profound effect on me.

This morning while I was doing my laundry, my niece Tere (she just graduated! Inkcode) took turn in babysitting Epol. She let him ride on a stroller and they were talking baby talk while going around the house. Every time they pass by, Epol would call me: Lola Tol! And I would answer: Epol! Then the next time around, he said: Goodnight, Lola Tol and then he sort of took a reclining pose, pretending to be asleep with a matching snoring sound. And then he laughed!

What a wonderful way of starting a day!

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Char said...

how adorable!!!! my youngest niece does this with her mommy...she runs up and says MOMMY to which the proper reply is BABY