Thursday, June 18

poor rice farmers

A neighbor came to me this morning. He is a farmer. He farms rice. Not really a friend nor enemy but I knew him for he was once my hired hand years ago. I was wondering what he wanted from me but he finally came to it after some weather talk. He needed to buy 6 bags of commercial fertilizer for his rice farm and was asking if I could supply the fertilizer for him. In return, he said, he'll pay me with 3 sacks of rice per bag of fertilizer. Hhhmmm..tempting..that means 18 sacks of rice in 2.5 months! But of course I didn't say yes for 2 reasons. Not only because I don't have the money for it but mainly because I can't allow myself to take advantage of the poor farmer in this situation. Believe me, I have tried it before and saw the anguish in their eyes as they part with sacks of rice that could feed their families for a few months more...that it haunted me for a long time.

This sad situation of our poor farmers has never shown any improvement...a vicious cycle of debts, usury and misery... a never-ending story and if these poor farmers can't get a real help from the government, then their children will continue what their fathers are doing. And that would be another sad story to tell..


Stuff could always be worse said...

I feel such compassion for you and the farmer. We have no reason to complain, we have plenty of food. Is there anything we can do to help.

pawan said...

It happens everywhere.
Poverty and misery can never be eradicated as long as money exists.
Touching post!
Mate, I missing your sketches!


deandean said...

dear kim, thank you for your concern and compassion. Indeed this problem still persist and very much existing. And I could tell more and sadder true stories than this post. I'm aware that mere giving of material things like food and in kind wouldn't be the best solution. Giving them the way to solve their problems is. Creating jobs for them between planting and harvest is the best answer. And also for the wives.

Any suggestion? Can you recommend something that could be done? Just don't include anything that has to do with our public officials..they're a useless bunch when it comes to alleviating lives of my people.

thank you again kim.

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