Monday, April 13

Sandbar of Puntod Island

Years ago, I took this picture while we (me and some city folks) camped there for a night. Even preparing for it was already exciting-too exciting I guess that we forgot to bring flashlights, can opener and yes, you guessed it right: no matches and no lighter. Good thing we bought some bread, cooked bananas, chips, lots of it, some canned food and drinks..So we didn't grill hot dogs like we promised Nang Matea's grandchildren.

It was almost 5pm when we reached Puntod Island on a motorized outrigger and like children, we raced to the sandbar's end. I remember feeling so grand just standing there, looking at the horizon line where the ocean and sky met, smelling the salty breeze and watching the sky turning colors from blue to blue-green, yellow, and then to all the glorious colors of summer sunset. And as if it was not enough, the moon took her turn to delight us. So we dined under the moon and the stars, and until now, I can't very well explain why I felt ridiculously happy...

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Char said...

it is the beautiful small things that can thrill me too. wonderful post.