Sunday, December 27

about "sexting" and what it did to a dermatologist and an actress

while the sex scandal news about this dermatologist and his partner actress is already a history, the song "careless whisper" inevitable revived popularity is just not that sweet. It just happened that the sex video maniac liked that song. but that's another story.

i just received an email about sexting this morning from one of my friends in the internet. i didn't know there's that term sexting but it sure sounds like what it means. while reading, it reminded me of what happened to that poor girl and how it must have devastated her to realize that she'd become a victim of somebody's sexting. although a victim, she was also caught in action on video which don't make her totally so. i am sorry for her though...and for this doctor who lost his license for his careless and callous acts.

Sexting is exsisting because some people allow it..all for different reasons. Obviously, they're not aware of the damaging and devastating impact of sexting to victims and their families and friends. Or they knew only too well of the harm they're inflicting and still do it anyway. Some people don't deserve to live with the rest of the human race.


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it's very disturbing how many young people do it.

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