Thursday, May 13

May 10, 2010: election and family reunion day

Four days ago was election day in the Philippines. I don't know if the newly elected officials deserve their new positions, but I know that there are those who don't deserve to lose. But it is every Filipino's right to choose and we have to respect who the majority have chosen.

Election 2010 was a turning point... the first time in the Philippines that voting and canvassing of votes were done using a computerized system. Although there were a few untoward incidents (wasn't there ever!??), generally, the system curbed most of what occurred in the past elections.

Like most important holidays, Filipinos working outside their home towns or provinces went home not just to vote. May 10, 2010 was also family reunion day! Although each family member had his own choice of candidates, it didn't matter much...well, at least not to my family. Being together, if only for a few days, is what matters most.

The photos were taken two days after election. .. showing just one of what a typical family does when they're together: SHOPPING!!


Char said...

hope all your choices won. :)

joven said...

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