Wednesday, January 26

pickpockets galore?

Just this morning, my sister called from the pier, asking me to look inside her bedroom to see if she'd left her wallet there.  It wasn't there... not in her room, not in her daughter's, not in the living room, nowhere inside the house. Although, and I really hope so, there's a chance that she left it inside her wardrobe cabinet (which is locked).  But the thing is, her shoulder bag's zipper was open when she arrived at the pier. And her wallet gone. She was riding on a tricycle with another passenger whom the driver picked up on the way to the pier. Of course, the other passenger's stop changed after he (allegedly) got what he wanted.

Similar stories like this has been told and heard. It's an annoying fact that this crime is rampant and shows no sign of stopping and of being stopped or solved by authorities concerned. It's an annoying fact that we have to exert more effort trying hard not to become a victim of such crime. I mean, there you are, travelling alone, afraid, and defensive. What could be more exhausting than that?

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