Friday, March 18

The French says je t'aime;  Germans, Ich liebe dich; Italians, ti voglio bene; Filipinos,  iniibig kita, to name just a few of the  different translations of the English sentence I love you. And somewhere, right now, someone is saying that to someone special, the object of his or her affection. Some people though find it so hard to say I love you. Why is that? Well, the reason for one person may vary from yours, but mostly it's one or two of the following:
Firstly, saying I love you needs courage.  Lots of it. Why? Because when you say  "I love you", 
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Char said...

i always say i love you to those i love - it's a good feeling to say it

Missy said...

I love saying I love you!
I love you!