Sunday, November 27

Seven months.  That's how long ago since the last time I used this computer. As a blogger, that's a major sin of omission. 

A rather drastic change of lifestyle actually-from a city mouse to town mouse.  Now I'm using spading fork instead of laptop to do a day's work.

My friends' reactions differed.  Some said it was a stupid move to quit my job. That's expected. Heck, I even thought it was indeed stupid when my first musk melon plot suffered from fungi attack due to heavy rains. But you know what? When what you're doing is what you really want to do all along, that's all that matters. In my case, frustrations like fungi attack is nothing compared to the satisfaction of harvesting bumper tomatoes or sweetcorn. Or munching a crispy lettuce leaf straight from your garden! Nothing's quite like it. And that's just the tangible side of things.

So now you know. Posts for sally's musings will be a bit different from now on. I'd probably be babbling about my garden...if I could, I'll post some photos too...

That's all for today.  

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