Friday, November 30


To name a dog B-1 may sound categorical and impersonal,
 but he likes that name and responds to it.. even to the softest whisper of a call.
 He'll look at you with those bluish eyes -questioning or pleading. 
 Either way, it never fails to get your attention and affection -those eyes that hid behind hairy tangles of white and lightest brown, the color of caramel that so suits him.
His dark brown drooping ears would raise up as he anxiously wait for his food.
 And sure enough, he gets it.

But a few days ago, we lost B-1. 
How? That's a question we cannot give an answer to.
 Perhaps B-1 managed to get out of the gate unnoticed and somebody just picked him up.
 I just hope that whoever took him takes good care of our beloved pet dog.

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