Wednesday, April 22

about the picture below

I smile every time I look at this picture because I always remember what happened that afternoon. We planned to go to Puntod Island for a picnic but our motorized outrigger just stopped somewhere between the main Island of Panglao and Puntod. Our guide Jojo tried to fix the motor but to no avail. I was a little worried but my companions, Johanna and Alice, were just cool about it. I asked Jojo how long would it take us to reach the main island paddling and he said maybe an hour and half. "Ok then" I said, "let's start paddling!" There was one problem. We only had one paddle. Alice suggested that we eat first so we could use our plastic plates as paddles after and you know what? It worked! We were paddling like crazy and had the most hilarious, fun, and memorable day of our lives. Good thing the sea was calm and as we reached the main island, the sun had set. And then I took this picture.


Char said...

sometimes surprises happen and have great results - I'm glad this one did

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am so happy you made it safely and had a good memory at the same time.

klivengood said...

hehehe...great experience...and nice shot...Thanks anyway for your review to my blog thru linkreferral. I appreciated it so much. Thanks again.