Saturday, April 18

a breathing space

Just this morning, I was watching a musical show on cable tv. It was a full orchestra and they performed rather well but I missed the introduction so I don't know which orchestra. At first, I enjoyed the 1st movement but as the 2nd dragged along, I felt strangely uncomfortable. There was no discordant note nor was it like listening to Bela Bartok who's not for the faint-hearted listener. In fact, the arrangement was gorgeous (reminds of the movie August Rush). Still, I felt an urge to stop watching and it I clicked off the remote control. And took a deep breath.

Out of breath. Listless. But why?

Ponder. I do that when there's nothing else to do :-)

You know, it's was like diving into the sea, looking at a beautiful coral reef community, immensely drawn to it... but without an oxygen tank on or a snorkel, you can't stay long under the water. That's how I felt... Or reading a whole paragraph in one long sentence without commas? Whatever. I guess what it didn't have were just breathing spaces.

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Char said...

I love that movie August Rush - yes, it can be sort of cheesy but some days it is just what I need. The score was really good too.