Saturday, April 18

taxes: what they do to your heart, your brain and your pocket...

April is, TAXES month.(what with income tax, percentage tax, withholding tax and Lord knows what else!) If you have business and would do anything in your power to make it succeed, you must, you need to, you have to master taxation because if you don't, it could be very"taxing" (excuse the pun :-) ...) on you, financially AND emotionally.

And how is it that some government employees and officers make it specially hard for you to transact business with them? Starting or renewing business permits (which is your right), you submit papers, legal and in order, but you can't get it done until you get so fed up with mindless and insensitive dismissals like "come back next week" or "the officer in charge is out of town" or "your supporting papers lack this and that" when it could have been avoided by giving complete and correct information in the first place. Such careless attitude is a sure vexation to the spirit.

Starting a business? Huh! Best of luck, my friend. And if you tend to flareup easily, let your faithful assistant do it for you instead ...or better yet, learn anger management first because you'd surely need it once you are vis a vis with those insensitive and calloused pack.

Sad to say, but we do have those kind in our midst. However, there remain a few with kindred spirits. Still.

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Char said...

I think they make it difficult so they can stay employed.