Wednesday, April 21

Evening sky at K of C Drive

First of all, K of C means Knights of Columbus. And K of C Drive is a street that is slightly sloping down to a promenade by the Tagbilaran Bay...a quite popular point where you can see the silhouettes of Panglao Island and Cebu contrasted against a tangerine and purple sky at sunset. Why it's named K of C Drive is obvious. It is where the main properties of K of C are located: the main building (which is quite old) and the K of C Recreation Center where the oldest bowling alley is still open to the playing public. Also, K of C Recreation Center offers table tennis, billiard, dart and board games. Before I drift farther from my main topic, let me just say: Now you

Even though watching table tennis games is exciting for me, I always spare some time for sky watching..especially at that point in time when day says hello and goodbye to night; the
blending of beautiful colours at dusk. Within that brief communion with nature, is an awesome experience for me that somehow makes the rough edges of living bearable. And the soft breeze from the ocean that carries a waft of brine feels like deja vu (don't ask why) and of grilled fish and barbecue when soft winds changed direction...which makes me hungry LOL

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Char said...

oh, this is just beautiful. i love the sunset too

Kanta said...

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