Sunday, April 18

Ping Pong: continued

I've been meaning to include this in yesterday's post...

One of the favorite topics that Class A table tennis players discuss is the what brand and type of rubber is good for a certain player or style of playing. It's funny though but they do take it seriously. Like for example when a player announces that he just bought one rubber (or two for both sides), then everybody would stop whatever they're doing to inspect it, give comments and ask how much and where (especially when they think it's a bargain!) and then proceed to attaching it to the wood. They do it ceremoniously too ^_^ Really! Having a good paddle is important to them.

One day, when a situation like this happened again, I was really curious. I wanted to know why so much ado about a paddle???? So after the commotion died down, I asked Sir Bitoy, (one of the top players in Bohol) about it. He explained that when you're a good player, you also have to have a good paddle -meaning, the best that you can afford. And also, he continued, you have to know each rubber and what it can do to augment your style of playing. A paddle contributes so much to the outcome of a game of table tennis. To sum it up: good paddle + good player = good performance.

How about the wood? I asked again, this time, Sir Peter. Good thing he was more than glad to explain..afterall, it's his favorite topic!!! He explained: The wood is just as important. It has to be rigid so when you whack it for a fast ball, it doesn't vibrate much. So we can't use an ordinary wood? No. It will break easily. No solid wood that thin could withstand a rough playing. Ordinary plywood? Not good either...(but I can't remember what he told me). So what makes a paddle wood much better? Sir Peter stood up and took his paddle and showed me the siding of the wood. See this black layer at the middle? This is carbon. So if your wood has this, then you have a good wood. So, to recap: good wood + good rubber = good paddle; and good paddle + good --..okay, got the drift...

adios, mi amigos y amigas...hasta la vista!!

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