Tuesday, May 18

making money while blogging

what I learned so far:

1. making money online is easy if:

***your site got visitors, and I mean thousands of visitors  for bigger chance that   your google and other ads get clicked

2. you'll get your thousands of visitors if:

***you're adept at finding the most searched keywords and writing posts about them
***you visit other blogsites, comment and follow them
***you have ads about making money online
***you have referrals (which I, honestly speaking, don't fully understand how it works yet)
***if you join forums and have links

to sum it up, if you mean business, you do what it takes.

and i'm barely scratching the surface.

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Kel said...

Thank you for the post. I have been thinking of how to make money with a blog.

Prateek said...

I tried that but I am quite good at computers, so I can detect what are ads and I never click on any kind of ad. So I feel others won't click on them either. That's why I removed all the ads.

Oh and referrals work like, you are using a service, you recommend that to a friend and he/she joins it, then he can write in the referral place that you recommended it to him/her, means that you are the person because of whom he/she is joining the service. So you get extra points for it, as you helped the service to increase its users :)

Martha said...

Answer from marthainheaven: Thank you for your comment, and thank you for wanting to follow me :) I believe there is a button called "follow" somewhere on the page ;)