Sunday, May 23


I'll never understand fully what's on a politician's mind! Even if it's clear that the other candidate won, he won't concede. While conceding would surely be a gracious move and make him a better politician, still he won't.  What is it that makes him so persistent?  Self-worth? His non-acceptance of defeat is a sign of arrogance and what arrogance he has! It's been 13 days after the 2010 election and still no sign of accepting defeat.  Unthinkable!

The 2010 election's  computerized counting of votes already have the senatorial winners but how come the results for vice-presidency is still not clear?  It's not like we voted for the vice-president on a different ballot!  Logic says it's not possible. What's the true reason for the delay? Hey, mister commissioner! Say something! The people are waiting. To delay it further is Unthinkable!


Martha said...

Answer from marthainheaven: When you write this, I see myself. Seems like we are very alike. When I am lonely I tend to just block everything out, and sit down with a good book, and try to forget everything. It helps to write your thoughts down, like a diary or something like that. I do that, and that way I don´t feel so heavy inside.
Thank you for saying so. I am sure we would have made great friends if we met :)

Martha said...

Answer from marthainheaven:
Here it is right now 11:47 AM. Good morning to you too :)

Thank you, means a lot to know someone believes in me. And I think I will study it, sounds really exciting! To study the human behavior and thinking, why we do the things that we do. Just don´t know where the best place is to study, though I really want to study in USA somewhere :)