Wednesday, December 15

misa de gallo

I don't know why folks here call that holy mass that starts on every 16th of December as Misa de Gallo. Anyway, it's a Roman Catholic tradition to start the Christmas celebration. Although I am not what you would call the devout Catholic, I can't deny that this holy mass which usually starts quite early (here at 4:30 AM! really!) is something that many of us look forward to.  Why,  exactly, is something I can't explain.

As a young girl, it was indeed exciting for me.  Being inside the church full of people, inside and out, hearing them sing church hymns and Christmas songs was such a remarkable feeling.  It was, to my young ears, both happy and solemn experience.  It was something that stirred me to the bones. I wanted to attend every Misa de Gallo back then...even if I had to walk 2 kilometers to be there. It was fun though because there were many of us, in groups. After the mass, another 2-kilometer walk was nothing to worry or think about. Aside from being used to it, walking with friends was fun.  We talked all the way, laughing about someone bumping his head with a guy seated beside him who also was asleep (yes, at this ungodly hours, things like this happen LOL).

Well, I guess it's not to early to say:   Merry Christmas everyone!

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Missy said...

I love Church this time of year!