Tuesday, August 7


Last two weeks was hectic. We were expecting some guests and as usual, we were so busy doing the preparation – general cleaning, planning the recipes and all those things that go with it. My sisters especially - they woke up early and slept late. I was wondering why all the fuss for a two-day fiesta celebration? I mean, it happens every year! Nothing new about it. But this year's celebration was different, I was told. Linda and Walding are coming. In case you're wondering, they're my sisters' best friends. They went to the same school, lived in the same apartment, ate the same food, et cetera. The last year (or was it last two?) I was in highschool then and got to know them for quite a while. Being the youngest of the roommates, I was not on their level of thinking and being of different “breed” (not really the right word,I know but I'd change that if the right word comes along), I stayed at the background and whether or not they knew it, they were my idols. You see, unlike the other occupants of the adjacent apartment who often times had differences and tiffs, they seemed to have no problems at all, living together. I remember them as friends in the real sense of the word.

I confess that I was a bit apprehensive. You see, there were times when somebody I was working with or was at one time or another my roommate or classmate, would just greet me and call me by name and I had no idea who he or she is. Or if I do remember because we were friends once upon a time, there's just nothing to talk about anymore. So there was this fear that I might not be a good company. While I could do some weather-talk, it's just not enough to hold a conversation. Small talk is boring and embarrassing.

As it turned out, Linda and Walding haven't changed that much. Sure they've grown into matured and fine ladies, and well- traveled at that, but otherwise, they are just being as they were as I knew them 45 years ago: fun to be with.

And we didn't even talk about the weather.

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