Friday, September 14

gift of friendship

Here we are, living in a world so different from the one we used know a few decades ago. What used to be the in thing then is now history. Remember those days when communicating meant writing letters on paper, and that you have to buy postage stamps at the post office to send them? Just thinking about that tedious process makes you winch. Now, mails, or rather emails are sent as easy and as fast as your internet connection can muster in a matter of seconds. Paying monthly bills used to be as tedious too. Imagine those days when you have to be physically there, falling in line with all those people in a long snaking queue. But now, thanks to internet technology, the farthest trip is from where you are to the computer table. It's quite amazing actually, that people have the capacity to adapt and embrace technology as a natural course of modern life.

I could write a few more examples of changes that we all are aware of, but that would be deviating from my main topic. The reason why I chose to write about changes in the first paragraph is to compare them to things that don't.

Love, in all forms, and directed to different people in our lives, didn't and won't change. Though technology has changed how we communicate with each other, basically, it's just the same old Love – that same feeling of warmth and affection that our grandparents and great-grandparents had given and received. Finding love still brings happiness and losing it still brings sadness as it did before.

To have a friend to love, confide and enjoy a moment with, a need which is as old as the sea, won't change. A friend is a gift you give to yourself – the one that needs no elaborate wrapping ... just in its true form and color. Once you acknowledge that gift, you move, not to a necessarily higher level but rather to a unique one. You'll learn to appreciate yourself more - in your capacity to be thoughtful, kind and generous. You will also discover the ability to make people smile or laugh at jokes and at life with all its complexities and random absurdness. And more importantly, that gift makes you want to be a better person.

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